Tiger Woods Is Getting His Own Simulator Brand

Tiger Woods is back in the simulator, but this time he’s not trying to prove doubters wrong. That is, unless they doubt golf in China is a huge untapped market for the golf industry. 

Full Swing Golf and Alisports are banking on Tiger’s popularity and the exceptional technology featured in Full Swing simulators to attract new players to the game.

Full Swing Golf and Alisports have entered into a partnership to grow the game of golf in China “We are extremely excited to partner with Full Swing to take a huge step forward in the effort to grow the game of golf in China,” said CEO of Alisports Zhang Dazhong. “We believe Full Swing Golf’s unmatched technology and relationship with Tiger Woods will propel golf forward in China, allowing golfer’s greater accessibility to the game,” added Dazhong. The partnership, intended to attract new and avid golfers to the sport, will include integrated marketing and cross-promotional programs with the simulator company.

Full Swing plans to unveil the first Tiger Woods branded simulator offered as part of this partnership which they believe will be pivotal to help drive interest for golf in China as well as be a pivotal tool in getting more avid golfers into the simulator for the first time. “One of the reasons I wanted to work with Full Swing was their vision for the future and how they planned to change the landscape of golf.” said Tiger Woods “This new partnership demonstrates that, and also gives me the opportunity to work with Jack Ma who is someone I respect tremendously because of everything he has been able to accomplish in his life.”

We know that, like Hair Club for Men, Tiger isn’t just an endorser, he’s also a client. 


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