Time & Oak: ‘Whiskey Elements’ Can Customize Your Whiskey In 24 Hours

Kickstarter has long been a platform for many noble causes seeking funding to bring betterment to the world.

Whether art, technology or potato salad, Kickstarter has undoubtedly added value to this world.

In the case of the 24-hour whiskey-customizing sticks, this couldn’t be more true.

Whiskey Elements, from Time and Oak, promises to customize your whiskey in just 24 hours — eliminating years of barrel time typically spent on the perfect note. Not sold on the ultra-fast aging process? The project has already surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Whiskey Elements are essentially uniquely-designed pieces cut from various types of wood that infuse the whiskey of your choice. Rather than using the age-old process of oak barreling, the folks at Time and Oak thought to expose the whiskey to the wood’s capillaries — which, in turn, sped the infusion process exponentially.

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“We designed this product to take advantage of transpiration through capillary action that provided a shorter distance for whiskey to travel through its repetitive exposure to the capillaries by cutting it horizontally,” the group said via its Kickstarter campaign. “We call this process “accelerated transpiration through capillary action. In a way, we redesigned the whiskey barrel by removing the barrel and developing a propriatary curing method to replace its presence in the aging process.”

So, what does this all mean? It means you can customize your whiskey.

“It means drink your whiskey the way you want to drink it. This all-natural process works on any and all whiskeys. Just pick out the element you wish your favorite whiskey had – whether that be oaky, vanilla, maple, smokey, peaty, or whatever we come up with next – add that element to your whiskey, and enjoy your completely unique barrel-aged taste tomorrow.”


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