Titleist ProV1 Has An Unusual New Competitor

The Titleist ProV1 golf balls have been the market leaders since they were introduced nearly two decades ago in 2000. While many of the other big golf OEMs have taken small bites out of Titleist’s apple, the Acushnet-owned brand has remained the far and away king in the space.

Whether the ball’s performance or the marketing machine behind is the reason for Titleist’s foothold, the results of a new test conducted by MyGolfSpy.com could impact the No. 1 Ball in Golf. As you may recall, Costco — yes, Costco — rolled out its own golf ball earlier this year, the Kirkland Signature, selling for just $15 per dozen, some $35 cheaper than the going rate for 12 ProV1s. It was only a matter of time before someone put the two to the test.

MyGolfSpy.com were those brave souls.

The parameters were simple: six golfers with handicaps ranging from 0-15 would hit 10-12 good shots with three identical clubs and have the stats measured by Trackman. The results, in a word, were shocking. 


With a driver, the Kirkland launched faster and higher, spun less and went farther. That’s insane! 

Check out the entire results over at MyGolfSpy.com and then sign up for that Costco membership. The price you save on golf balls alone will more than pay for the membership.



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