To ‘Golfinity’ & Beyond! iPhone Game Has Infinite Holes

Last month, popular app developer NimbleBit announced a new iOS game called “Golfinity.” As we anxiously awaited the game’s release, we watched the trailer over and over, enamored with its simplicity. (We need to get out more.)

On Thursday, the free game hit the App Store. Of course, we downloaded it immediately and gave it a whirl … after reading the description:

“GOLFINITY | gôlf’finitē |
a golf course longer than any assignable quantity or countable number (symbol ∞).”


As the name states, “Golfinity” features an infinite number of mini golf holes to play. How? I have no idea, but it’s awesome.

The controls are simple: touch and drag to aim and set the power of each shot. The holes however, are not so easy. Gaps, jumps and zig-zags make each level challenging yet addicting. But if you manage to screw up and make a quadruple-bogey, you can view an ad to replay the hole.


Simply based on the fact that there are an endless number of levels, this game is worth downloading. And it’s free, so what do you have to lose (other than hours of being highly unproductive)?

To download “Golfinity,” head to the App Store, or just click here.


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