Top 10 Caddyshack Gifts for Fanatics

The golf world celebrated Caddyshack’s 36th anniversary over the summer, but even more recently Bill Murray (a.k.a. Carl Spackler) launched his very own clothing line. In honor of the film being awesome in general, here’s a list of things you can buy to celebrate it being Friday like the tremendous slouch you are. Who knows, maybe they’ll even give you a free bowl of soup with a purchase.

1) Michael O’Keefe (Danny Noonan) Signed Pin Flag — $78.99 


Nothing screams “I love this movie!” more than having your very own Bushwoods CC pin flag signed by the man himself, Danny Noonan. I would not only have this hanging above my mantel, but I may also baptize my first born in it. I wish I was kidding.

2) Bushwood Country Club Danny Noonan Hat — $19.95

Every fan of the film or ex-caddy needs to have an orange Bushwoods CC hat in his or her collection. It is a status symbol in and of itself, reminding everyone that they shouldn’t mess with you or “Hey, they don’t getta no Coke”.


3) Judge Smails Fedora Gift Basket — $49.95


OHMYGOD. This might be my favorite gift in the history of the universe. Judge Smails’ ridiculously horrendous fedora seen in the film makes the perfect gift basket, which comes equipped with Bushwood-logo golf balls and naked lady tees.

4) Czervik Tour Staff Golf Bag — $575.00

I may have spoken too soon, because this gift is outstanding. Rodney Dangerfield’s legendary portrayal of real estate tycoon Al Czervik in the movie provided fans pages of memorable quotes. What better way to remember the late actor’s finest role than to own this golf bag?


5) You’ll Get Nothing and Like It Coffee Mug — $9.95

One of the more memorable quotes in the film is Judge Smails’ declaration to his nephew at the halfway house when their group makes the turn. Now you can have it monogrammed on your coffee mug!



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