10 Great Driving Ranges in America

Let’s face it. The only way you are going to improve your game is through practice, and the mythical answer inevitably lies at the driving range. Whether you are looking to grind on an extra-large large bucket or grab a few beers with some buddies, here is a list of 10 great driving ranges in America.

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers – New York, New York

We get this list started with one of the most famous driving ranges in America right in the heart of New York City. Chelsea Piers offers a great view for every golfer, as it’s situated on a pier along the Hudson River. Although the hitting area is only about 200 yards, it offers a four-tiered driving range that faces out into the water and indoor simulators for those who want to get a quick 18 without leaving the Big Apple. The bays are heated it’s open year round. Here it is. 

Pebble Beach Golf Academy and Practice Facility – Monterey, California

Pebble’s driving range used to be one of the major downsides of the iconic course. The higher-ups finally realized that something had to be done to improve the golfer experience in 2014. The new facility is twice as large as the old one and uses natural grass hitting areas instead of mats. The best feature, however, is the 40,000 square foot short game practice complex complete with greens that mimic course challenges. Check it out.

TaylorMade Golf Experience – Las Vagas, Nevada

Located in the dusty desert area of Las Vegas, this massive hotspot sits on the far end of the Strip. This facility’s highlights are a lighted par-three course and an immensely big two-tier driving range. There is also a giant bar and grill restaurant that is prime for manly get-togethers, mostly bachelor parties. Learn more.



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With 28 locations currently in the U.S., Topgolf is taking over the driving range industry by employing the one-part driving range, two-part entertainment center approach. The one in Scottsdale even has a lounge, rooftop deck, and live music. The balls you will be hitting even have built-in microchips that provide instant feedback on distance and accuracy. The computerization of this range allows the opportunity to compete against your friends, as well. Check it out.

Interbay Golf – Seattle, Washington

Courtesy of Jay Dotson Photgraphy

Courtesy of Jay Dotson Photography

This grand golf facility is located in the great city of Seattle. Of the 80 covered hitting stalls, there are 40 that are heated. This allows Interbay to stay open even in the chilly Seattle winter months. If you hit at Interbay Monday-Friday before 9:00am or during the last two hours of business, you get double the amount of range balls for the same price. Take a look. 

Knight’s Play Golf Center – Apex, North Carolina

This facility is located in Apex, North Carolina. The range stands out for offering golfers to practice at night with a completely lit-up hitting area. There are a total of 60 stations open and they stay open all the way to midnight if the weather allows that day. When you feel like you have practiced enough, take your improved skills to their par-three course, which is also playable at night. See it here. 

Miles of Golf – Cincinnati, Ohio

Don’t let the name fool you. This facility certainly doesn’t span miles, but 40 covered tees that will keep you dry as well as warm should suffice. There is natural grass to hit off during the summer and a state of the art putting green to match. You can find another Miles of Golf in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Check it out.

The PGA Center for Learning and Performance – Port St. Lucie, Florida 

Credit: The PGA Center for Learning and Performance

Credit: The PGA Center for Learning and Performance

With the letters “PGA” in the title, this facility attracts top professionals looking to hone their talent in Florida. That being said, it is also open to the public with daily, monthly, and annual fee basis. There are over 100 full-swing practice stations, a three-hole teaching course, five acres of private instruction and practice ground, and even an equipment and testing facility. Check it out.

Fairmont Grand del Mar – San Diego, California 

Courtesy of Fairmont Hotel and Resorts

Courtesy of Fairmont Hotel and Resorts

This facility is part of the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts franchise in California, boasting a seven-acre double-end driving range as well as a separate short-game area. Fairmont also dabbles on the techy side of things with their SAM PuttLab, offering a detailed, high-tech look at your alignment and stroke. See it here.

Carl’s Golfland – Bloomfield, Michigan


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Carl’s Golfland is the best of both worlds. Whenever you walk into a golf superstore, the sheer amount of golf products surrounding you almost always makes you want to try a few things out. Carl’s Golfland morphs that two-stop experience into one amazing facility.

Right outside of the retail store, Carl’s has a renovated practice area that has improved sightlines and target distances, as well as year-round instruction available. They added Trackman Range to their practice area last year, making it arguably the best range in the States.  Find it here