10 Holes-In-One In 2018

The game of golf is a precision sport. The object of hitting a ball hundreds of yards and trying to get it to fall within a cup only four and a quarter inches wide is a tough task for any golfer.

The best way to avoid the stress of the game is a simple enough idea, get the ball in the hole on the first shot. As any golfer not battling windmills on the mini golf course knows, that is easier said than done, as there are plenty of golfers of all skill levels who have never hit the impressive ace.

With September 25th being National One Hit Wonder day, here are some of the best Holes-in-One from 2018.

Tony Finau

Golf is full of ups and downs, and for every great shot off the tee, the next one could go right in the bunker. Hitting a hole-in-one typically means that you’ve avoided any trouble on a given hole, but that was not the case for Tony Finau.

After sinking the tee shot on the 7th during the Masters’ Par 3 contest, Finau was naturally excited. That excitement subsided almost instantly when Finau rolled his ankle celebrating, causing concern that he may miss the Masters. Thankfully, he was able to play through the pain though, finishing in the top 10 in Augusta.

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