Top 10 Worst Golf Cart Accidents of All Time

The introduction of the golf cart changed the game. People now had a chance to get to their ball quickly and speed up play. Others who had trouble walking now had a chance to play the game they loved. If golf wasn’t a leisure sport already, it was now. It also allows folks to drive who shouldn’t necessarily be behind the wheel. Sure, honest accidents are inevitable but so is horseplay. Here is our list of the 10 of the worst on-course golf cart crashes of all time.

10. Big Air

These golfers, who appear to be on the younger side, come ripping around the cart path in a white buggy that looks like it’s speed governor has been stripped. They break the crest of a hump in the path and appear to land smoothly, but the driver couldn’t stabilize the wheels and they spin out ferociously. 

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