20 Excuses To Tell Your Boss To Play Golf

The toils of working and having a career can really put a damper on your golf game. It is important to make sure you take the necessary steps to devise a plan to get out of that cubical and onto the course.

So get outside and enjoy Earth Day with these 20 excuses to try on your boss to get out to the course, since they are probably out of the office today anyway.

20. “I’m working from home tomorrow.”

The mother of all work excuses! Your boss will never be the wiser that you’re actually loading your clubs into your car as you are “working from home.”

19. “I have jury duty.”

You won’t actually be deliberating over a case, but you will certainly be deliberating over which club you will use to stick your approach shot. 

18. “I’m having a ‘procedure’ done.”

This one has just about a 100% success rate. No one ever questions a “procedure.”

17. “I locked my keys in my car.”

What a horrible situation! Looks like you can’t make it into work today. Good thing the course is within walking distance to your house. 

16. “I’m useless at work unless I play golf two times per week.”

Your boss will surely appreciate you wanting to stay at peak productivity level. 

15. “With the economy doing so well, I need to take up a new expensive sport.”

Your boss, of all people, will understand your approach with this excuse. 

14. “The doctor said after getting an injection, I must keep my arms loose. Golfing is the best thing.”

No boss can question you if you are simply following your doctor’s orders. 

13. “The IT department won’t be able to fix the server till next Monday, so we are taking the week off.”

Nothing says “let’s hit the course” like actually being “unable” to get your work done. 

12. “The courses are too busy on weekends, so I am going out today.”

It’s not your fault that your office is open on the same days as the prime days to golf. Your boss will respect your planning. 

11. “There is a traffic jam, so I might as well play nine instead of sitting in traffic.”

A perfectly logical alternative to painfully sitting through a traffic jam.

10. “My wife is making me teach her how to golf.”

Quality time with your significant other is important. Your boss will likely understand.

9. “My wife is taking the kids golfing. I think I’ll tag along.”

Along the same lines as the excuse above, your boss will likely appreciate you trying to bring the family together through shared experiences. 

8. “I just can get more business done on the course.”

Your boss will appreciate your eagerness to improve your levels of productivity. 

7. “It’s the perfect place to get together and discuss life with co-workers.”


A good boss will care about the climate of his office and the the cohesiveness of his employees. This is a great way to improve both of those aspects.

6. “I had to make a sales call at the course anyway.”

Business is business. 

5. “I have a meeting at the course, so I might as well go golfing.”

Multitasking is a great way to impress your boss.

4. “I finished all my projects at work.”

This one isn’t so much of an excuse as it is a legitimate reason to hit the links. 

3.  “I gave up intimacy with my wife, so this is my new vice.”

Hopefully your boss will be on your side and feel sympathetic to your unfulfilled needs. 

2. “I get more work done on the course than at the office.”

Again, no boss will argue with an employee that is seeking means to maximize productivity.

1. “Hey boss, wanna go play 18?”

Sometimes the best excuse isn’t an excuse at all. I’d be hard pressed to find a boss that would deny this offer, especially today. Plus, you can let them win a few holes to score some brownie points back at the office.