TravisMathew Ice Cream Truck

Working for TravisMathew looks like an awful gig. Employees of the golf apparel brand work too hard, take life way too seriously, and have a massive dearth of good ideas.

Ok, we’re just envious. The exact opposite of all of that is true.

The company introduced Friday its latest original tactic at increasing brand awareness: The TravisMathew Ice Cream Truck.

If you’re out at a Southern California golf course this Labor Day weekend and hear an ice cream truck, you just might be able to get a popsicle and polo at the same time. The truck is now available for booking, and can set up shop on course to provide golfers with a unique shopping experience — in addition to free ice cream.

The ice cream truck joins a TM fleet that already includes the semi-truck/party mobile that embarked on the Awesome Tour last summer. Who knew Bend, Ore., could be so exciting?

But TravisMathew, which launched its first collection in the spring of 2008, isn’t just about sending trucks out to the masses. It’s also about having fun at the home base in picturesque Huntington Beach, Calif. No better way to do that than Employee Bowling Friday:

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