Trump Turnbury Has The Coolest Halfway House In Golf

What do you expect from your typical halfway house? A bar, a grill, maybe a table or two to take a load off while the group ahead of you tees off on the back nine? As you might imagine, Donald Trump is not content with a hot dog stand. 

During the unveiling of his newly renovated Trump Turnberry property last week, Trump made reference to the upgrades made to the Ailsa Course lighthouse that looks out over the Fifth of Clyde. Now we know why he’s so proud of it.

The halfway house acts not only as a spot for golfers to sit and enjoy a snack and beverage during the turn, they lighthouse and accompanying structure has been turned into a luxury bed and breakfast that features rooms and restaurants. Given the history, scenery and course that it abuts, it’s hard to argue that there is a better halfway house in all of golf.

Check out some photos from Tom Barclay who recently visited the Ailsa Course.




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