WATCH: Reporter Reveals NFL QB Played Golf On Gameday Last Season

Professional football players technically work once a week, and for only a few hours at that. But the job, we’re so often told, never really stops. When one game ends, preparation for the next one begins. And quarterbacks — the supposed CEO on the field — are held to an even higher standard.

So it’s with all that established that we tip a cap to Dolphins signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa, who will surely be in hot water for allegedly doing something we think is pretty cool: he played golf the day of a game.

Appearing on the Big O Radio Show in Miami, South Florida Sun Sentinel columnist Omar Kelly spilled Tua’s secret to host Orlando “Big O” Alzugaray. To his credit, “Big O” took the news in stride while Kelly seemed a lot more perturbed by the former Alabama star’s decision.

Granted, Tagovailoa is facing increased scrutiny in Year 3 of his tenure as the Dolphins’ starter. The team added speedy receiver Tyreek Hill to the mix and figures to push Buffalo for the division crown.