Turkey Chases Golfers Into A Ditch

Golf is a game that is played literally on the home course of more animals than human beings, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that said animals are protective of their home turf. With many birds in the midst of their breeding season, golfers have found out the hard way that even relatively harmless creatures are fiercely protective of their territories.


Just a few weeks ago, a high school golfer in Michigan was literally taken down by a goose and now, courtesy of the golf boys at Barstool Sports, we found another fowl making life difficult on some golfers.

High School Golfer Gets Chased Down By Angry Goose

This turkey didn’t take kindly to a pair of golfers trespassing on his turf and despite their having a cart, the turkey won the battle that eventually had one of the golfers thinking about pulling a club to fend off the turkey while the driver found himself in a ditch.

The moral of the story, as always: stay away from ornery birds on the course. They’re not messing around, especially at this time of year.