10 Hot Golf Products For 2019

The New Year is the perfect time to look out for the new you. We all have our resolutions and goals for 2019, so let SwingU help you to achieve what you’re striving for on the course.

After spending time at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando checking out and testing the latest and greatest innovations in the game, here are 10 of the hottest golf products on the market in 2019.

Voice Caddie | SC300 Swing Caddie 

Swing Caddie SC300

Okay, so you may never get to be on Tour, going from perfectly-manicured range to perfectly-manicured range lugging around your $30,000 Trackman, but you could definitely win your club championship, and the Voice Caddie SC300 is the perfect companion to take your game to the next level. 

This portable launch monitor gives you everything you really need to know to dial in your swing, club distances and confidence. Voice Caddie uses Doppler radar technology along with atmospheric pressure sensors to deliver the most accurate readings of swing and ball speed, carry distance, launch angle, apex height and smash factor. It’s so good, you’ll wonder why the pros are wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

Price: $549.99


Tour Edge | Exotics EXS Driver 

Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver

The technological revolution in golf continues to chug along, and with it comes what Tour Edge is calling the “pound-for-pound champion.” While the big boy OEMs continue to raise their prices, the Exotics EXS driver checks in at the same price as most of their fairway woods, but with the performance and innovation on the same level as their vaunted drivers.

Already having seen action on the PGA Tour, Tour Edge is bringing the power to the people with the Exotics EXS, proven by its Product Ingenuity awards as well as its place on the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List.

Price: $299.99


Renegar Golf | RxF Forged Wedge

Renegar RXF Forged Wedge

Have you ever wondered how the pros can go from the seaside courses of the West Coast to the middle of Texas and then to the grainy courses of Florida all using the same equipment? Here’s the secret: they can’t. Pros swap their clubs out on a near-weekly basis to adjust to the conditions they’re playing in. 

Us mere mortals don’t have the luxury of traveling equipment trucks and an endless supply of grind machines. Better yet, we don’t have to, thanks to the Renegar RxF Forged Wedged. The Renegar propriety sole grind allows golfers to utilize as much or as little bounce as they’d like, making it playable in all conditions.

SwingU customers get 35% off the most innovative greenside club since Gene Sarazen invented the sand wedge in 1932, all with a 100% money back guarantee. Use code SwingU35 at checkout to get your discount.

Price: $119 (Get 35% Off with code SwingU)


Eye Putt Pro

What’s the key to a consistent and repeatable stroke? A consistent and repeatable setup. The Eye Putt Pro allows golfers of all abilities to get immediate and accurate feedback by using everyday knowledge that you use to make sure a picture is hung on the wall correctly.

The Eye Putt Pro’s bubble level ensures a properly set up putter head and it’s attached mirror allows you to see where your eyes are positioned over the ball. The muscle memory that the Eye Putt Pro ingrains into your posture will allow you to make the best stroke you’re capable of making every time.

Price: $19.95


The Lag Stick

The Lag Stick

The key to solid ball striking is ball-first contact. While there are ways to “fake” this contact with magic hands or lucky timing, the best way to ensure consistent, crisp contact is to force yourself to create lag and forward shaft lean into impact.

The Lag Stick is the perfect training aid to help you do just that. Acting as an extension of your club – it slides into the end of any club in your bag — the Lag Stick encourages that ball-first contact that imparts pure contact and Tour-level spin on the ball. 

The best part of the Lag Stick is that you can use it while hitting actual shots with your actual clubs. Maximize your distance and improve your strikes in only a few minutes.

Price: $29.97


Cut Golf | Cut Blue

Cut Golf


Golf balls are the most important piece of equipment because they’re involved and crucial to every shot you play. As a result, the ball is also the most often replaced piece of your equipment, so for amateur golfers, it is paramount to have a reliable, yet affordable go-to option.

Cut Golf’s Cut Blue checks both of those boxes. The 4-piece urethane cover gives you length off the tee and control around the greens. Already having been placed on Golf Digest’s Hot List, you know you’re getting a ridiculously high-quality ball for less than half the price of its Tour ball competitors. 

Price: $19.95


Bloodline | RG-1 Mallet Putter 

Bloodline Putter

Putting is all about marrying the perfect speed with the perfect line, so neutralizing one of those variables makes putting that much easier. That’s exactly what the Bloodline RG-1 Mallet Putter does.

Bloodline’s futuristic design allows the user — under USGA rules — to leave the putter standing at address and align it to the millimeter to ensure perfect alignment. Already having been put into play by Hall of Famers Ernie Els and Vijay Singh, two of the winningest men to ever pick up a golf club, gives the Bloodline all the cachet it needs.

Price: $499


Aftershokz | Trekz Air Open-Ear Headphones


The music generation in golf is upon us. Go to any Tour event and you’ll see players warming up and practicing with headphones in. However, there are a lot of jerky motions in the swing that can make the perfect headphones a must.

The AfterShockz Trekz Air headphones is the perfect practice companion as their wraparound OpenFit design provides both stability and comfort, plus you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting them in your ears because they don’t actually go in your ear; they use bone conduction technology that delivers the sound directly. 

Price: $149.95


Strike Spray

Strike Spray

The biggest reason for the loss of distance among all golfers is off-center hits. What good is all that technology in your clubs if you can’t utilize it?

Strike Spray goes directly onto your clubface and provides immediate and indisputable evidence as to where you made contact with the ball — not even a launch monitor can do that. Seeing your tendencies in real time can help you diagnose weaknesses or flaws in your swing, all without that footspray or swing tape you’ve been putting on your club. 

Price: $29.99 (3 Cans)


Swing Align

Swing Align

A connected swing is a repeatable swing. With SwingAlign, you don’t have to take stock of each part of your swing individully as it forces your entire move to work as one. 

Aside from being a revolutionary swing aid, the SwingAlign acts as a wearable alignment rod, which makes it easy and discernable without question to see where you are aiming for each and every shot. From there, you can get into the mechanics of the swing, which also makes it easy to get into some of the most important positions throughout the swing.

Price: Starting at $107.95 (10% OFF with promo code SWINGU)