Late Night Online Golf Purchase: Self-V Headcover

It’s Monday. You’re back in the office after a weekend of unwinding with a few drinks, just trying to make it until 5 o’clock. You check your bank statement to see if you can spring for a nice lunch or if you have to slum it in the office cafeteria. But what’s that? A strange charge is on your statement from 1 a.m. Saturday night. 

Welcome to Late Night Online Golf Purchases, where a few drinks and easy access to the Internet has resulted in an impulse buy that can help your golf game. 

Swing Snap Golf’s Self-V Headcover — $34.99 (pre-order)


If only you could swing like Adam Scott or Louis Oosthuizen. Who hasn’t thought that? But after a few Captain and Cokes, you’ve got it figured out. All you need is video of your swing and you can tweak it until your motion looks like a Masters champion.

You need something to keep tabs on your progress and your feel can only get you so far. You need concrete evidence you’re making the right adjustments, but you’re not going to employ someone to stand behind you and record your swing. Enter the Self-V Headcover.

Your phone is the easiest way to keep track of almost anything nowadays, so why not put it in charge of your golf improvement, too? Swing Snap Golf has developed a headcover that doubles as a video stand. Simply lock your phone into the plastic holder and attach that to the top of the headcover.

Swing, diagnose, win the Masters, have another drink.