Which Tees Should Caitlyn Jenner Play From?

Here’s an interesting rules question that now exists in 2016: which tee does a transgender person play from? Last week, Caitlyn Jenner participated in a PGA celebrity golf event at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California, when a debate broke out on whether she should be playing from the men’s or ladies’ tees (or more politically correct; middle and forward).

Jenner asked her group to take a vote and the forward tee won. The counter-argument came from actor Craig T. Nelson, who claims that he played golf with Jenner for 30 years “before Caitlyn” and that he knows she could still hit.

“I agree I do have a history behind me of athletics, it’s true,” the former Olympic gold medalist said.

What do you think?

[Daily Mail]


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