Utah Golf Store Heist, Custom Clubs Stolen

A Utah golf store was robbed of a set of custom irons costings hundreds of dollars last night by a couple who made Bonnie and Clyde look like saints.

ABC 4 Utah has the latest:

There’s a thief out there trying to sell some expensive golf clubs or using them on the course.

The surveillance video is blurry but shows a man and woman walking into Impact Golf on Factory Outlet Drive in Draper. The store claims they stole some custom clubs sitting on the checkout counter.

A still picture of the man leaving is much clearer. He stole a set of irons, 4 through wedge, worth hundreds of dollars.

If you know him or have any information you are asked to call Draper Police or Impact Golf.

The one burning question I have is, why in the world would you steal a set of CUSTOM golf clubs? Totally get if they are yours and you don’t want to pay for them. Unless there’s a black market specifically interested 2 degree upright clubs, it doesn’t make any sense. 

Hope these custom-club bandits are caught ASAP.

[ABC 4 Utah]


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