Video Breakdown: The Anatomy of a Failed Golf Trick Shot

There comes a time in every idiot’s life when the impossible seems absolutely necessary to attempt.

I’ve had many such instances in my life, all of which were driven by massive amounts of adult beverages. Golf trick shots are extremely popular among nimrods like myself, but a recent viral video spreading on the interwebs takes that “skill” to a whole new level.

First, we have the evidence:

Ouch. Let’s break this video down a bit.


Whatever the hell this guy is trying to accomplish is already off to a blistering start. Isn’t there a rule of thumb suggesting any activity that requires standing on a plastic lawn chair is a bad idea? There should be.


The fact that our hero has managed to complete a decent backswing without falling over is impressive in itself. Assuming that is a regulation-sized driver, the amount of knee flex required to pull this shot off is stupid. I would have bailed by now, but that’s because I’m a coward.


Houston, we have a problem. Not only has he completely whiffed at the golf ball, this guy’s momentum is pushing him forward thanks to his irrational desire to hit the ball as hard as he can. Go big or go home, right?


You know that scene in “Jaws” when the shark emerges from the ocean, inches away from Roy Schnider’s arm, prompting an expression of utter fear and disbelief on his face? I guarantee you this guy is making something very similar.


Fin. Close scene. Fade to black.

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