Was This The Dumbest Trick Shot Ever?

Golf trick shots have become a cottage industry with literally millions of people trying to pull of the next great stunt on a daily basis. So much so, in fact, that we’ve pretty much seen just about all there is to offer out there and it takes something truly special — or in this case, truly insane — to make people step back and say, “holy s***.”

Trent Ryan, the brave man on his back in the video above, is a blogger for Barstool Sports. We’ve seen him do a similar stunt before with social media star Paige Spiranac, but this one takes the cake.

Here’s Trent explaining the idea, in his own words

So Riggs and I went to the World Long Drive Championship in Oklahoma last week. The days leading up to it I was thinking about asking one of the guys to tee a ball off my face while we were there. Then we got there and I saw the dudes swing SUPER DUPER HARD and got pretty nervous about it. I was convinced I was gonna lose all my teeth/die. We did it anyway. My main man Tim Burke (@TimBurkeGolf) was more than happy to do it. They even let us go up on stage after the competition was over to do it. Big shout out to Burke for doing it. Super cool guy. He’s not as good looking as Paige but still pretty good looking.

Letting a pro like Spiranac swing a piece of titanium inches from your face is scary enough, but to go and let a two-time World Long Drive Champion who hits the ball upward of 400 yards regularly is a different story.

 [Barstool Sports]


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