What Happens When You Steamroll A Golf Ball?

Ever get the urge to run over a golf ball with a steamroller? Probably not, but these guys from the Youtube channel “Crush” did, and it’s fascinating. Their goal was to see what would happen to 1.5 oz. golf balls when they are run over by an eight-ton steamroller. Doesn’t seem like a very fair fight, right? 

Golf balls are built to withstand an impact, some more than others. The key here is compression, or how tightly wound the golf ball’s core threads are. The tighter they are, the tougher they are to compress and vice versa. For reference, Tour pros will play higher compression balls since their swing speeds are generally over 105 MPH. The Dunlop LoCo balls used in the experiment are extremely low compression meaning they have significantly more give than, let’s say, a Titleist ProV1.

Either these guys factored in compression prior to the experiment…or they didn’t have the budget to spend $48 on a box of Pro V1s they were hoping to destroy.

[h.t TheGolfNewsNet.com]


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