What Is Going On With Michael Jordan’s Swing?


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Even during his playing days, you could often find Michael Jordan on the golf course. Revered by many as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) to lace them up on the basketball court, Jordan has a similar reputation when it comes to trash talking on the golf course.

According to his deserted handicap, Jordan plays off of a 1.9 cap, and honestly, with that swing, it’s hard to believe that’s accurate.

To his credit, despite the unorthodox backswing, MJ gets back to the ball pretty well. Maybe it’s not so much that move as it is the general intimidation of playing alongside the greatest athlete of a generation that gives Jordan a leg up on the golf course, but considering the competition Jordan usually tees it up with (ie. professional golfers), we’re betting MJ comes out on the losing side more often than he’d care to admit. 

The crazy thing is that his swing wasn’t always so jerky. Early MJ had that smooth transition that many golfers would envy.


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