What’s Hot: A Fashionable Wedding

Before I got married two years ago in July, I had six months to plan an entire wedding which was taking place 3100 miles away, on the other side of the country. By the time Jamie proposed, I should have already sent out the invitations.

The point is, I didn’t have any time to do all the feverish, minutia research a bride normally does before her big day (should I do crystals or roses on the 2nd layer? Is red velvet still a thing? Should I go with a floral or toile for the borders on the programs? Have I been up too late or is this a popped blood vessel? What do you mean I’m asking too many questions? Is there any coffee left?). I just went with what I liked the best and what made the most sense for our budget.

But now that wedding season is upon us again, and we have a slew of celebrity weddings this year—Brangelina, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (they are still getting married, right? Whatever, who cares), Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson (unless she has another baby), Britney Spears and Justin Trawick (who is he again?), and Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish—all eyes are on all things nuptial.


Now that I have time, and I’m getting paid to write about stuff like this, I did some looking and here is where I see the 2013 wedding season going. You can call it a trend if you want, but to me—there’s nothing trendy about wedding style this season. They say that fashion always repeats itself, and this year we are seeing a return to tradition and sophistication. You can’t go wrong with the classics, which is why I love what’s happening this year. Brides and grooms will be able to look back on their wedding photos years from now and not feel as if they’re looking back on time.

This year, there’s an overarching resurrection of Old Hollywood glamour. I chalk this up to the popularity of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, and the Great Gatsby movie. Ladies, whether you’re in the wedding or attending, this year that means flattering, floor length gowns. Gentlemen, keep it clean and simple with a bow tie or skinny black tie. For the hardware, expect to see a lot of polished silver, antique barware, plated dinners, delicate chandeliers, soft peonies, and neutral colors. Signature cocktails and bourbon bars will promote more socializing in small numbers. Brides will be wearing more romantic lace and (yes!) sleeves, even blush or champagne colored gowns are in style this year.


And it’s not a wedding without the music. Trust me—I’ve been to a wedding with no music. (I’ve also been to a wedding with no liquor, which is why I always bring my stylish and dependable wedding flask along with me) With the ever burgeoning popularity of iTunes and the ever burgeoning cost of a band, more and more people are turning toward the DJ. And let’s face it—who wants to hear a bad cover of a bad Bruno Mars song?

As far as those wedding programs go—I still can’t figure that shit out. You’re on your own with that one.

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