What’s Worse: Charles Barkley’s Belt Or His Golf Swing?

Few things in golf are uglier than Charles Barkley’s swing. Sadly, one of those few things belongs to Barkley.

During NBA on TNT Thursday night, Barkley unveiled his latest golf accessory: a colorful argile belt. Let’s just hope he does us all a favor and doesn’t wear it on the course. 

As you’d expect, the guys had a good time sharing their thoughts on Chuck’s style — or lack thereof.

Sorry Chuck, but that thing is bad. And to make it even worse, he has “like 10 different ones like this.” Get ready to see more ‘Barkley Belts’ in the coming weeks, America.

In Barkley’s defense, however, when you need a belt, you need a belt. Just don’t buy it at the airport golf shop, Charles.

That’s like buying gas station sushi … you don’t do it.

We now beg the very important question. What’s worse: his golf game or belt game?


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