Where Did 1-on-1 Lessons, Rounds, Handicap & Stats Go Inside SwingU App?

In our continued effort to provide our users with the best and most intuitive experience of any golf GPS and instruction app on the market, we’ve moved a few things around in our latest app update.

The introduction of SwingU Versus required some moving and shaking within the app, and with the release of Version 7.2.3, you will be able to find everything to do with your game now under the Performance Tab.

Everything from your Strokes Gained metrics from SwingU Versus to our on-demand library of drills to your Handicap & Rounds, including your detailed and legacy Statistics are available in one convenient place.

SwingU Versus is an integrated strokes gained analysis system available to SwingU Premium subscribers that tracks and analyzes every facet of your game from tee to green. For the first time, SwingU Premium subscribers can keep and analyze their stats as if they were a Tour pro, but at a more relatable and productive level.

For SwingU Premium users, the introduction of SwingU Versus is designed to be as valuable and intuitive an experience as possible with many of the same screens and prompts you’ve come to expect from our top-rated scorecard and GPS app, but with a few new bells and whistles that will allow our algorithm figure out how you stack up against your desired target handicap.

After the completion of the round, SwingU Versus will give you a comprehensive analysis of what you did well and what you did poorly compared to your target handicap. Relative handicaps will be assigned to each of the five facets of your game, giving you a simple and accurate way to comprehend how your round went. 

With those handicaps, targets and relative handicaps in mind, SwingU’s AI-powered algorithm will offer a prescriptive drill based upon the area of your game that requires the most improvement from that singular round.

We’re confident that with this integration and prescriptive drill component, your game will have the best opportunity to improve. As such, we’ve done away with 1-on-1 Lessons, but fear not, your legacy lessons and feedback from your SwingU-certified coach will still be available to you in the Profile tab.