Who Is Scottie Scheffler’s Wife? 10 Things To Know About Meredith Scheffler

Who Is Scottie Scheffler’s Wife? 10 Things To Know About Meredith Scheffler

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Meredith Scudder Scheffler, the driving force behind two-time Masters champion Scottie Scheffler, transcends the golf course.

Hailing from a close-knit Texas community, her upbringing cultivated resilience and compassion. Meredith’s unwavering support and steadfast presence propel Scottie’s journey, shaping his pursuit of excellence.

Dive deeper into how Meredith’s influence, her love, faith, and familial nature profoundly impact Scottie’s relentless quest to become the world’s best player.

Born And Raised In The Lone Star State

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Meredith Scudder was born in 1996 to Mark and Michele Scudder and raised in Texas.

A Family Affair

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She has two older siblings, a brother (Andrew) and a sister (Stephanie)

High School Sweethearts

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Met her future husband and golf prodigy Scottie Scheffler while in high school, but did not start dating until their Senior year.

Highland Park Pride

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She graduated from Highland Park High School in 2014, along with her beau Scottie.

Texas A&M’s 12th (Wo)Man

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While Scottie was at the University of Texas, Meredith attended Texas A&M for college as a Communications Major with a minor in Business, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2018. The two continued their relationship even while attending different colleges.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

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Meredith and Scottie had a winter wedding in December of 2020 after 6 years of dating.

Taking Care of Business

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Meredith is the co-founder, vice president, and event planner for With Purpose College Station — a company that supports the lives of those affected by childhood cancer.

The Scheffler’s Bank

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Her individual net worth is valued close to whopping $2-3 million, that coupled with Scottie’s $50m net makes them a power couple.


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She (and Scottie) are devoutly religious, and frequently thank God for their blessings in life.

Baby On Board

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Her and Scottie are expecting their first baby in April 2024. Scottie commented that even if he was leading The Masters, if Meredith went into labor he would leave to be there for the birth of their first child. Baby did not come, and Scottie won his 2nd green jacket.