Woman Tired Of House Getting Smacked By Balls

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If you can’t handle your home being pelted with golf balls, don’t live on a golf course. Try telling that to a Tucson woman who is fed up with her newly built home being a bullseye for the high handicapped.

News 4 Tucson has the latest:

Teresa Sullivan is fed up with golf balls pelting her newly built home, and paying for repairs to fix the damage, which includes broken windows and holes in the stucco.

“I am actually physically being pummeled with golf balls. I’ve been trying to fight this problem and get this resolved so no one gets injured.”

Sullivan built her home six months ago, and she said she’s been trying to protect it ever since. She has researched getting a net built, but has said her homeowner’s association [HOA] has told her it needs to be approved by the golf course owners.

“They keep putting me off and putting me off, hoping I’ll lay dormant and say no more.”

She said she has given the HOA numerous copies of blueprints from two golf ball net companies, which repeatedly get denied by the golf course.

“I was under the impression the HOA was here to keep the value of the homes in here up, but the value is being deteriorated as we speak. The worth it was then, and what it is now, no, I’m sure we took a loss.”

While we only try to present facts, the first comment posted on the story by Travis Mullins might just be the key piece of evidence that breaks this thing wide open:

Read the HOA documents that the lady has from the Pines community. We almost bought a house here and the HOA guidelines say your responsible for the damage to your own house not the golfers. The land was sold to the developers knowing that this would be put in the HOA documents. It’s your own fault for buying a house on a golf course. Also the Pines does not own the property that the net would need to be placed on. If the HOA approves the net it would have to be installed on her property.

Case closed? It appears so.



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