Wrestler Throws Caddie In Lake In Hope Flashback

There are a few things you don’t mess with on a golf course: a ball sitting on or near a tree root, a ball dangerously close to a water hazard that may or may not house an alligator or two and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg.

With the PGA Tour at the CareerBuilder Challenge this week in Palm Springs, California, the tournament that was formerly known as the Bob Hope Celebrity Classic, the Tour decided to reminisce a bit prior to the tournament getting underway on Thursday. 

While there are still amateurs and a few celebrities in the field this week, there used to be many more who would tee it up. In 2002, Bill Goldberg was one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet and also one of the most dangerous, as this clearly planted caddie/heckler came to find out.

Finishing up his round and doling out handshakes to his foursome, Goldberg was playfully punched in the ribs by the plant, resulting in Goldberg depositing the man in the nearest water hazard, barley missing the rocks that frame the lake.


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