X-Rated ‘Charity’ Golf Event Gets Busted


A ‘charity’ outing that took place in Columbia, Illinois last month turned out not to be for charity at all. The Metro East golf tournament which was billed as an event benefitting the Make-A-Wish foundation, reportedly turned out to be an X-rated smutfest, packed with strippers and alleged sexual acts. Now the event organizer has been charged with deceptive practice.

KMOV St. Louis has the story:

The tournament took place at a golf course in Columbia, Illinois in late September. A News 4 photographer shot video of young women flashing their breasts and cavorting with golfers. News 4 also obtained graphic cell phone photos from the tournament showing women taking part in live sex acts on the course in in some cases, men participating.

One golfer who was at the tournament tells News 4 that more than a dozen women were at the tournament, with some performing sex acts for cash.

Tournament organizer, Dennis Daugherty told News 4 he was not aware of any sex acts taking place, saying “It’s cute girls in bikinis serving drinks that’s it.”

As for Make-A-Wish, Daugherty admits the charity got nothing. He says that is because he lost money on the event due to low turnout. Also, he says he was contacted by the charity the day before the event and told to take their name of the flyer and off any promotion.

But now, Columbia police are charging Daugherty with deceptive practice. The police chief saying that is based on the promotion of the tournament at a charity fundraiser when no money was donated.



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