88-Year-Old Legend Wants A Piece Of Pitcher at Fantasy Camp

When I grow up, I want to be like Lew Dunlap. So much so, that having seen this video of the 88-year-old badass ready to charge the mound at a Colorado Rockies fantasy camp, I wish I could hop in my Delorean and go back to Mrs. Bongiovanni’s 8th grade English class and write my “hero” essay on him. 

I’m sure you all love your Grandpas — I loved mine very much — but I highly doubt any of them have the tenacity or swagger that Lew Dunlap has after more 80 years on this rock:

Seriously, you don’t go up and in on Lew Dunlap. Just don’t do it. 

In fact, the only guy I’m more impressed with and terrified with at that age is Bob Barker thanks to his unforgettable role in Happy Gilmore:


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