Back To The Future: The Hoverboard Is Real And It’s Expensive

We’ve waited years for the day to come when the hoverboard really exists. Since seeing Marty McFly’s in “Back to the Future Part II,” the hoverboard has been a distant dream for just about everyone and something that we never thought we’d see in our lifetime. 

Thankfully, we were wrong.


Hendo Hover and Arx Pax have come together to develop the world’s first real hoverboard. And no, this isn’t a joke like the last time Tony Hawk fooled us.

See for yourself:

It’s available on Kickstarter, however there is some bad news: You’re too late to the party. Only 10 were available, and all of them have already been scooped up.

As far as the board itself, it floats about an inch off the ground and can support up to 250 pounds. It’s powered by four disc-shaped hover engines which create a magnetic field that generates the lift.


Even though you may have missed out on getting one for yourself, there are a few other options on Kickstarter that allow you to ride one. For $100, you get to ride it for five minutes. If you want to ride it for more than five minutes, it’ll run you $1,000 for an hour.

Because this technology is so new, Hendo is welcome to help from its supporters. Available along with the hoverboard is the Whitebox Developer Kit — a small white box with a hover engine in it for backers to test and experiment with. To get one, you’ll have to dish out $299.

Or, you can spend another $600 and get a Whitebox+, which is a Whitebox that you can control with a smartphone app.

The 10 hoverboards are expected to be delivered in Oct. 2015, while the Whiteboxes will ship out between July and August of 2015.


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