Best Of America’s Funniest Home Videos: Golf Edition

Embarrassing things can happen on the golf course (like “crapping” your pants), though not all get caught on camera. Luckily for us, some do. And thanks to “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” those hilarious moments have been compiled and put into a single video set to classical music. 

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So, next time you hit a bad shot or snap your club around a tree, don’t feel bad … these folks have had it much worse.

Who said golf isn’t a contact sport. There are a lot of painful shots in that video, though most probably could have been avoided with a little common sense. Just a little…

If you enjoyed that video more than you should have (like myself), you’re in luck.

Here are a few more videos that are sure to make you laugh.


Related Link: 9 Best (Worst?) Golf Fails Of 2014

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