Burger King Japan Creates Least Appetizing Burger Ever

Fast food isn’t exactly the best choice for a meal before a round of golf. Trust me, I’ve made the mistake before. And while I never thought fast food could get less appetizing — before playing golf or not — I’ve been proven wrong. 

Burger King Japan has announced a new take on the chain’s most recognizable menu item. It’s a black burger. And no, I’m not referring to a severely overcooked patty. The whole thing is black. 

I’m still not sure what Burger King Japan’s goal was when making this burger, but I can’t imagine it’ll sell too well. The buns are made with bamboo charcoal, while the special sauce is made from squid ink.


Here’s what it looks like in person:

I’ll gladly pass on trying this one, but you have to respect Burger King Japan’s attempt at making the least-appetizing burger around.

[h/t Cool Material]

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