Corvette Stingray Dash Cam Catches Valet Misbehaving

Imagine this.

You’re out for a night on the town. Perhaps dinner and drinks?

You leave your car — a 2015 C7 Corvette Stingray, mind you — with the valet and you’re off.

Surely, you have a good time and many memories were made but when you return to your car and then home, you check out the car’s (awesome) valet mode recording to see that the nitwit that parked your car took it up to 50 inside the parking garage and may have hit a concrete barrier with it.

Can’t relate? Me neither. Here’s dash-cam, valet-mode video to get you there:

Yikes … I’d be upset if the valet did this with my 2006 Honda Accord (LX), let alone a brand-spanking new 460-horsepower Stingray that goes from zero-to-60 in 3.8 seconds and starts at $54K.


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