Ferrari Meets Snowmobile To Make The Ultimate Winter Machine

What do you get when you combine a snowmobile, a tank, and a Ferrari? The Snow Crawler — your new favorite winter vehicle.

Designed by Mind Sailors, this concept mixes the all-terrain style of a snowmobile with a sports car, putting the rider in a slick, enclosed cabin.

Why? Because as fun as snowmobiling is, it gets cold. Really cold.


If you’re not big on climbing mountains and going off of jumps, the Snow Crawler is good for other activities, as well.

Some of those very exciting activities include driving to work (if you call that an activity), playing golf in the snow, and retrieving the mail from the mailbox at the end of your driveway. 

Put one of these in your garage and you may actually come to like winter … maybe.


Let’s be honest, if you had one of these things, you’d want to drive it everywhere in the snow.

Forget the all-wheel drive car, take the electric-powered Snow Crawler to work and be the coolest guy in the office.


If there’s anything wrong with this beast — and there’s not much — it’s that it’s only a concept right now and you can’t bring a friend along for the ride. It’s a sleigh made for one, but who needs friends when you have a Snow Crawler … am I right? 


[h/t Uncrate]


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