Golfer Blaring ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ Picks Up Rattlesnake

Here’s a word of advice: Anytime you find a wild animal on a golf course, you’re probably best to just leave it alone, especially if it can kill you. That seems like common sense, but apparently some of us need to be reminded.

One particular golfer found a poisonous rattlesnake on the course, and rather than taking the safe course of action, he went ahead and picked it up. 

According to, the rattlesnake is one of just four deadly snakes in the U.S., making this story even more insane than it seemed.

Watch the video below … while tilting your head 90-degrees to the right.

Clearly this guy knew what he was doing based on several factors: a machine gun T-shirt, two golf gloves, and “Hey, Soul Sister” playing in the background. 

He’s just lucky it didn’t eat his golf ball, otherwise it would’ve ended up like this.


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