High Fives, Low Moments: 9 Awkward High-Five GIFs

Ian Poulter and Billy Horschel teamed up at the Franklin Templeton Shootout where they didn’t come away with the victory, but they did leave a lasting impression by giving us a high five for the ages. Seriously.

After Poulter holed a bunker shot during the final round, Horschel sprinted over to his partner and annihilated his arm with a powerful high five that nearly took Poulter’s limb off.

Horschel looked like a gator stalking his prey right there. Poulter clearly wasn’t expecting that type of force, although he probably should have coming from Horschel. 

After witnessing this “fail” of a high five — for the fact that Poulter hit the deck — we decided to compile our favorite high-five fails. 

Shield your eyes and pray that this doesn’t happen to you … if it hasn’t already.

Brian Scalabrine Left Hanging

Brian “Scalamonster” Scalabrine is known as one of the quirkiest players to grace the basketball court and that’s why he’s a fan favorite. Scalabrine was out with an injury in this particular game, so during a break, he offered some encouragement for his teammates. It’s just too bad he wore his invisibility cloak that night.

Tom Brady Gets No Love

This one really needs no explanation. Tom Brady claims the title for worst high-five attempt … ever.

Ref Avoids Destruction From A Raider

The Raiders wear white-and-black just as the referees do, but this one might be more about Davis trying to unleash his fury and not about thinking the ref was a teammate. Nevertheless, this ref saved his hand from being severed by Davis with cat-like reflexes.

Wes Johnson Makes Kevin Love Work For It

This one will go down as one of the strangest high-five-handshake-things you will ever see. Kevin Love was looking for a little love from Wes Johnson, but Johnson had other ideas … I think. I’m not really sure what went on here but make of it what you will.

Ryan Seacrest Fails On American Idol

This one’s tough to break down. In Ryan Seacrest’s defense, he probably forgot that this contestant was blind and couldn’t see his hand in the air. Regardless, his recovery attempt was painfully awkward.

Adam Morrison Pulls Off The … Interception?

Adam Morrison may not have his “locks of love” in this one, but he does have a right hand made for intercepting high fives by the opposing team. Keep up the good work, Adam.

High-Five Phenom Tries To Be Like Kevin Love

Striving to be Kevin Love is a solid goal to have. Striving to high-five like him is not, as shown in exhibit A above.

Kanye West & John Mayer Hug It Out

Kanye West and John Mayer are both fantastic recording artists, winning 28 GRAMMYs between them. Unfortunately, their ability to touch hands is not so strong.

Bubba Watson’s Awkward Masters Encounter

We’ll close out this list with Bubba Watson’s awkward handshake, or lack thereof, at the Masters green jacket ceremony. Ouch.


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