Kormaran: The Transforming Boat You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re in the market for a transforming boat, we’ve found the perfect (and probably the only) one for you. The Kormaran is merely a prototype as of right now, but it’s one of the coolest prototypes you’ll ever see — boat or not. It transforms into six different modes, going from Bathingmode to Flightmode, and can even pull of the switch while on the move.

You can go from something that resembles a speedboat to a yacht with a tanning deck. Because, who wouldn’t want their watercraft to do that? The 23-foot boat will also get up to a top speed of 44 mph. 


The interior is made from Boxmark Xtreme leather with teak wood accents and decking. Oh, and and the doors open in Lamborghini fashion. Why wouldn’t they?


The only thing it needs is a spot to put your golf clubs, or maybe a retractable driving mat so you can hit golf balls off of the deck.

No price has been revealed yet, but I’d imagine it’ll run you a pretty penny. 

For more photos of the Kormaran, check out the ones below and head to the Kormaran website for a 360-degree tour of each mode.



kormaran-interior-doors_article kormaran-speedboat_article

[h/t Uncrate]

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