Man Arrested Pulling Scam For New Golf Clubs

If you’re looking to upgrade your sticks before spring comes — and don’t worry, judging by upcoming forecasts, you’ve got plenty of time before that happens — I highly recommend you don’t do what this guy did.

Or if you do, that you execute the plan better.

Florida man Joseph Louie Ioime found himself in a Marion County jail cell this weekend after lying about having his golf clubs stolen

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Ioime, who clearly doesn’t do a whole lot of looking into the future, called the cops and reported that his clubs had been stolen out of his trunk. He claimed the clubs were worth more than $2,000 and that his trunk was broken. When police arrived however — wait for it — Ioime’s clubs were still in his trunk. Not only that, but there were no signs of forced entry. 

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At first, Ioime claimed he had an identical set for practicing, but quickly fessed up, telling police that he made it up with the hope that his wife would buy him a new set of clubs. 

And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for leaving those meddling clubs he reported stolen in the trunk of his car like an idiot.


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