Street Golf: ‘The League’ Premiere Debuts Hilarious New Game

The link between golf and fantasy football runs deep. Whether around the water cooler, at the bar or just hanging out, oftentimes, conversation between buddies broaches at least one of the topics.

That makes Wednesday’s season-opening episode of “The League” on FXX that much better.

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In it, the group comprised of Nick Kroll’s Ruxin, Mark Duplass’ Pete and “Taco,” hilariously played by Jon Lajoie, enjoy a friendly round of “Street Golf.”


Forget waiting on the tee box or paying high-priced greens fees. Street golf is the next big thing — for the hilarious group of high school buddies and fantasy football league competitors, anyways.

As Ruxin says during the episode when considering Taco’s new take on golf: “As low-rent as this is, it does maintain the basic function of golf which is to get away from your wife and children.”

For Taco, “There’s no better way to unwind after a grueling eight-hour work week.”

Indeed, Taco. Go ahead and play through.


Don’t miss the new season of “The League” airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, only on FXX.

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