This $170,000 Watch Tells You The Weather

It was said that “time and tide wait for no man.” While we’re not quite sure about the “tide,” it’s pretty evident that if you’re wearing this watch, “time” will do pretty much anything you ask it to.

Allow me to introduce the Breva Genie collection and its 01 and 02 models, which join membership at Liberty National, the BMW i8 Hybrid and a small-to-medium-sized island on the ever-growing list of things we’d buy if we could.

Weather Forecasting Watch 2

The $170,000 Breva Genie 01, released this spring, is the world’s first “meteorological” watch and, of course, a limited edition. The manufacturer created just 110 models — 55 of them in white gold and 55 in pink gold. There’s also a platinum edition, of which only 12 were made worldwide.

The 02 features two models: the 02 Terre and the 02 Air. Both models are crafted from titanium and are limited editions with only 55 made of each.

The watches utilize tiny capsules made of a non-magnetic material to deliver barometric and altimetric data and information. All told, the watch serves as a weather forecast on your wrist — and it looks pretty sharp, too.

[H/T Esquire]


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