Video: This Crazy Stuntman Let Someone Drive Golf Balls At Him

Stuntmen are crazy. They have to be to do what they do. But you have to admit they’re brave too – again, they have to be to do what they do.

In this video that discovered, a stuntman willingly steps in front of a man driving a golf ball. We know it’s all for the cameras, but South African TV personality Darren Maule is taking some swings at a golf store when he “happens to find” his stuntman, Kevlar Kev. Maule wants to practice his aim, and he recalls a Tiger Woods video where the young phenom drives balls around his father. So he gets the brilliant idea to have Kev stand 10 feet in front of him while he takes full driver swings off a tee.

“OK” is the stuntman’s response, even when the act calls for Maule to attempt to hit an apple off the top of Kev’s head. Of course he gets pelted, because it clearly wouldn’t be worth showing the video if he didn’t:

Obviously this wasn’t some random act; they clearly premeditated the stunt. But still – Kev steps in front of a man driving a golf ball, and wears no sort of protection whatsoever. Crazy. But hopefully financially profitable too.

Regardless, it’s way more real than this commercial:

[h/t Golf Digest]


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