Are Tour Players Cheating? <BR>Some Say Yes

A few months ago, released the juicy results of an anonymous poll it conducted of 70 PGA Tour players.
The answers were quite revealing.
This week, the website has released results from another poll it took of Tour players. Once again, the answers are very telling. And somewhat scandalous — which is what we live for.
For example, the first question is this: “Who will win another major first, Tiger or Phil?
Ninety percent of the polled players selected Tiger. Lefty received just 10 percent of the votes, and also got slammed in a comment by one of the respondents: “Phil will contend at Augusta all the way into his 50s. It’ll be the last tournament he’s physically capable of winning.”
Question No. 2 is quite a bit juicier. “Have you ever witnessed another Tour pro cheat?
Thirty-eight percent of the votes were for yes. And then there are three comments:
“Yes, and it was knowingly. Everybody knows who he is, and everybody knows he does it.”
“Yes, and it’s the same two players — it’s terrible.”
“How many yeses do you have? Isn’t that crazy? You’d expect it in high school golf or something, but not out here.”
Imagine if those alleged cheaters were some of the more well-known guys on the Tour? Oh, that would really be something.
Let’s skip ahead to question No. 6. “Have you ever seen another Tour pro use drugs?
Seventy-eight percent said no, which means 22 percent have witnessed the illegal act.
“Is marijuana a drug?” a commenter asked.
When asked if the Tour’s drug testing program was working, the field was more split. 58 percent said yes, 32 percent said no and 10 percent didn’t know. The best part about this question, however, were the comments.
“False. If Tiger tested positive, the Tour would look the other way. He means that much to their brand, and there are only two people who know. And there are others who would get the same free pass.”
“False. They don’t reveal the results, and I know people who have taken stuff and not gotten caught.”
Yes indeedy.
Now who will be the first player to break the ice and name names? If Jose Canseco was on the Tour, you know he’d be the one to do it.

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