Arnold Palmer Shows His Youth With New Energy Drink

Arnold Palmer must have paid a recent visit to the Fountain of Youth.

First it was announced that he was jumping into the video game market, and then he had dinner with a supermodel — a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

And now we hear the 83-year-old golf legend is delving into the energy drink sector.

That’s right. Palmer has collaborated with AriZona to create DRIVE, an energized version of his famous drink comprised of lemonade and iced tea. According to a company press release, the new beverage also contains “richly packed vitamins, coconut water, super fruit extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and natural caffeine.”

The company sticks with Palmer’s recent theme and depicts a younger version of him on the can — much like EA Sports did with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14.

Here’s a thought: Why doesn’t AriZona take a page out of the beer companies’ playbooks and produce some ads showing Palmer hanging out with beautiful women (see above)?

It’s good to be the king.