Blair DQ’d For Self-Inflicted Assault

Golfers are gluttons for punishment, but sometimes we can take it to far. Case in point, Zac Blair during the second round of the Wells Fargo Championship. 

Coming off of a 3-over par 75 in the first round, Blair needed to make a move early Friday or else he would be trunk-slamming and heading home after a missed cut. Instead of the start Blair was looking for, he was 4-over par through four holes and missed short putt on No. 5 when he decided to reprimand himself.

The self-assault was enough to bend the shaft of his putter, therefore making it non-conforming. By tapping in his fifth stroke on the par-5 fifth, he was in violation of Rule 4-2. Blair sought out a rules official on the next hole, informed him of what happened and as a result, was disqualified. 

Seeing the lighter side of things Blair tweeted out a response to the PGA Tour media account announcing his DQ with a great throwback GIF of Woody Austin doing a similar, but slightly more intense putter head smack.


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