Brandel Chamblee Blasts Rory McIlroy For Olympic Comments

Rory McIlroy and Brandel Chamblee have a checkered history. As one of the game’s top players and Golf Channel’s lead analyst, respectively, the two intersect quite often. Whether it be over swing mechanics, tournament results or what transpired Tuesday in Scotland, Chamblee predictably didn’t pull any punches when reacting to McIlroy’s comments that golf isn’t something he’ll be watching, saying he’ll only watch sports “that matter.”

McIlroy spent the majority of his press conference talking more about the state of the game and its rightful place in the pantheon of the Olympics than he did about the tournament that will kick off early Thursday morning. He rubbed many people the wrong way when asked about the Games and whether the golf would be on his viewing schedule after dropping out of consideration earlier this summer. 

Chamblee went on to hyperbolize the entire situation, predicting the throwaway comment would be one of the biggest regrets of his career. In an upset, however, Chamblee’s broader point is a poignant one. While McIlroy likely wasn’t trashing everyone who put the work in to get golf back in the Olympics, the comments could be construed as such.

Let’s just get back to playing golf, shall we? 


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