Bubba Watson and Caddie Lash Out At Loud Fans

Between the major championship pressure and the constant threat of weather, patience is wearing thin for a number of players at this week’s PGA Championship. And it appears like that short fuse has transferred from the players to their caddies as well. On the tee at the par-3 12th hole on Saturday, Bubba Watson missed the green long.

Unfortunately, in what has become the norm at big-time golf tournaments, certain members of the gallery enjoy yelling out stupid catch phrases. One apparently didn’t sit well with Watson or his caddie, Ted Scott, who decided to dust off tried and true blogger shaming battle cry.

It wasn’t the first time someone got snippy with the New York galleries this week. Graeme McDowell had a few choice words for someone earlier in the week. Warning: Graeme used some colorful (read: NSFW) language. 

Don’t worry, G-Mac, you’re not alone. 

[h.t TheBigLead.com]


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