Bubba Watson Gets His General Lee Back

It seems like forever ago that Bubba Watson shipped his beloved General Lee off to the shop to get some work done on it. Actually, it’s been roughly 157 days … but who’s counting? 

Watson originally tweeted a picture showing the General up on a flatbed truck, ready to roll off to the shop …

… and on Tuesday, he tweeted a picture of his pride and joy nestled safely in its own special garage: 

Thanks to Watson’s massive collection of automotive toys, you can officially add his name to the list of people we should never feel bad for. Be it the bulletproof truck or hovercraft golf cart, Watson definitely had some other modes of transportation while the General was in the shop. 

In case you haven’t noticed, he’s also been busy with his day job. Since Dec. 13 of last year, the day the General went under the automotive knife, Watson has won twice on tour — once at the Northern Trust Open and again at that little invitational tournament they hold in Augusta, Ga., every year. 

Photo Gallery:


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