Cheyenne Woods: Iconic Masters Shots Come to Life

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Growing up watching the Masters, I’ve seen so many iconic golf shots played here at Augusta National. Whether it was live on TV or on a highlight reel, there are a number that have made a lasting impression on me.

Phil Mickelson’s risky shot on the par-5 13th through the trees in 2010, Tiger Woods’ miraculous chip in on the par-3 16th in 2005 and Louis Oosthuizen’s double eagle last year (on No. 2) are just a few of the historic shots that have stood out to me after watching year after year.

As soon as I stepped foot on Augusta National, I found myself wanting to go to each and every spot on the course where these iconic shots took place to see exactly what each player faced.

One location I especially wanted to stop by was to the right of the 10th fairway. I wanted to get down in the pine needles and in between the trees to see for myself what Bubba Watson was experiencing when he faced that famous shot in last year’s playoff. It turns out I wasn’t alone. Every time I have walked by the 10th hole there has been a group of up to 20 people down in the trees trying to figure out how Bubba pulled off that incredible shot. I have seen this particular shot over and over again on TV and YouTube, but I can say it’s even more impressive now that I’ve been able to put myself in Bubba’s shoes. I hope that this year I’m able to see history unfold right before my eyes like what we all saw on TV last year when Bubba Watson pulled off the shot of his life.

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