Errie Ball, Last Inaugural Masters Survivor Turns 103

As humans, we have both the blessing and the curse of knowing that we are mortal. Because of this, we set dates. Start dates, end dates, due dates and save-the-dates. We are often asked, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” or some other increment in time. How about 103? Where do you see yourself at 103?

Samuel Henry “Errie” Ball turned 103 years old on Thursday and he has spent nearly all of them on the golf course. Born on Nov. 14, 1910 in Bangor, Wales, Ball became the youngest golfer to compete Errie_Ball_Article1in the Open Championship at age 15 in 1926. He’s gone head-to-head with the legends of the game, as well as cured many amateurs of their hook, slice, etc. Hailed as a “pro’s pro,” Ball also holds the distinction of being the last living participant in the first ever “Augusta National” in 1934.

Ball, who was inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame in 2011, celebrated with His wife “Maxie” and some close friends from the golf world in Florida on Wednesday. “Errie,” as he is better known, was also a 3-time winner of the Illinois PGA Championship and is a member of the Illinois Golf Hall of Fame.

Even though he has past the century mark, the last man standing from the inaugural “Masters” tournament is still going strong, offering lessons to those eager to listen to a man whose swing is still something to be envied by players half his age. At 103, “Errie” Ball, is one of golf’s greatest living treasures and exemplifies the longevity that a life lived can yield.

So… where do you see yourself at 103?

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