European Tour Back With Another Chopsticks Challenge

Every year, the European Tour issues a few challenges to its players. Whether it’s them trying to hit a gong, a clay pigeon, or into a washing machine, the bits are always creative.

While in Shanghai last year, the tour issued Chopsticks Challenge 2.0. Golfers had to move as many golf balls as possible from one bucket to another using only chopsticks. And it looks like they’re back with 3.0 this year:

There’s no video just yet, but surely that’s in the process of being edited. We’ve been waiting for the next challenge ever since the Phil Mickelson Flop Shot Challenge in July.

In the meantime, here’s last year’s Chopsticks Challenge:

That video quickly made it into our list of the best European Tour golfer challenges, which the Euro folks have been staging since 2010. We hope many more are on the way.


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